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Midnight Sun is a fantasy LPMud with a rich 30+ year history. Originating at a college in Sweden in 1991, Midnight Sun expanded to every corner of the world. Across the 30 year development of the MUD, dozens of programmers under multiple administrations have created a large world with a huge variety of themes. Rather than a character class, you can join one of our guilds each of which has a unique playing style, and many of them also contain subguilds giving a great deal of customization. Adventure and explore through thousands of rooms in dozens of areas. Complete any of our 70 quests, and enjoy a casual and relaxed community. There are only a few, simple rules, so come join us under the Neversetting Sun!

Some of the features you will find:

  • A large and expansive world
  • Over 10 000 rooms in 60+ areas
  • 70 fully optional quests
  • 8 guilds, each with a unique playing style
  • Housing for the lords and ladies
  • A unique astrology system
  • A beautiful graphical interface for Mudlet
  • Hunt events for inter-guild competition
  • A whole host of toplists and leaderboards
  • No playerkilling
  • Friendly players and immortals, great community

What kind of game is Midnight Sun then?

Midnight Sun has developed into as much a social club as it has a game. We do not have playerkilling, and nothing approaching mandatory roleplaying. Instead we have a close-knit community that chats and jokes while our characters adventure and grow in power. Whether you adventure solo or in a party, there are a huge number of areas to explore, secrets to find, quests to complete, loot to acquire, and skills to master. Gain experience, raise your stats, increase your level and take on even greater challenges.

Our immortal wizard staff all started as players just like everybody else. Over the decades, we've transitioned through several administrations, and well over a hundred players-turned-coders. This creates an atmosphere where the immortals are active in the community, and you won't just hear from a wizard if you've gotten in trouble.

How do I get started in the game?

Midnight Sun is an easy place to get started. Most of the commands are intuitive, the help files are extensive and easy to navigate, and the players helpful. There is no newbie school that you have to go through before entering the real world, but if you are new to the game, it might be a good idea to consult the Newbiebook (which will also start in your inventory when you log in), or even the Getting Started section of this webpage. For instructions on how to connect to the game, look here.

Okay, what else?

You can also see who is logged in. If players have set their homepages, you can jump to those as well. Do note that we don't verify or check any of those pages. Somebody you are looking for isn't there? Use this option to finger him/her. Wondering who are the top achievers around here? Then check our toplists.

And if you like the game and find a free moment, you can go to the voting page to help us promote Midnight Sun on several gaming lists.


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