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Please, note that the Donation Fund is currently inactive. We are not accepting donations and the record below is intended solely for archivation purposes and to give recognition to those who have donated in the past.


In order to better maintain the mud, we have (after suggestions from both players and wizards) decided to start a donation fund for Midnight Sun.

The fund will be used to buy new equipment for the computer that Midnight Sun is running on. The administration decides what to purchase from the fund, and donators may restrict the use of their donations.

ATTENTION: At this point we are not accepting any donations. We received enough donations to buy the hardware we desperately needed. Gratitude goes out to all those who donated to ensure that this game is still alive and will celebrate it's 10th year of public availibilty in 2002.


  1. The fund can only be used for Midnight Sun
  2. All donations should be accounted
  3. All purchases should be accounted
  4. One person should be accountable
  5. Anonymity should be granted (name or donation)
  6. All information should be public (with an anonymity restriction)
  7. Donators may restrict the use of their contribution
  8. Donating is strictly voluntairy
  9. Donators characters is not treated specially and are not given any favours
  10. Hardware not in use will be donated or lent to LUDD



Computer responsible:



Please note that all donations must be done of free will, we do not want anyone to feel forced or obliged to donate. The game is to be free to play for anyone!


Please state if your identity as a donator should be anonymous or if the donation should be anonymous. We will uphold confidentiality for those that should wish so. However, please add a return address so that the donation can be returned (it will be kept confidential).


A donation can be hardware or doughware. Small gifts are equally welcome as bigger ones. We reserve the right to return donations if we feel we cannot accept them, so make sure to mark the gift with a return address.


If we feel a donation is inappropriate or otherwise not acceptable, it will be returned to the donator's return address. If no such exists and the donator is unknown for a period longer than a month, it will be forwarded to some charity institution such as the Red Cross. So, if you want to be totally anonymous and we cannot accept the donation, please tell us what to do.


Please send US dollars or Swedish kronor (SKR), but if nothing else is possible then your local currency is ok. Just remember to put a return address on the letter so that if it is not accepted by the bank, we could return it.

Just to give you something to compare currencies with, a USD (dollar) is about 8 SKR (swedish krones). See SEB for detailed info.

How to donate:

Send the donation by mail to the accountable administrator, or agree on other terms for donation with the accountable administrator.

As Galadriel is accountable, send it to:

Kare Synnes
<address snipped, We currently don't solicit or accept donations>
Please mark the donation with "The Midnight Sun Fund" and a return address. If you want to restrict the use of the donation, state what restrictions should be applied.

It is now also possible to donate directly to the new account for the Midnight Sun Fund. It is an account in S-E-Banken, 5320 00 673 14, but it might not be accessible from abroad and posting will be cheaper (at least for the small sums we talk about here).

The address to the bank is:

Skandinaviska-Enskilda Banken Luleå
Box 931
971 28 Luleå

The bank office SWIFT code is: ESSESESS

If the donation is not accounted for after 2 weeks, kick Galadriel hard! ;-)


Thanks to the many kind donations, we finally were able to buy a new host for Midnight Sun. We bought it for roughly 12.000 SKR and we got a lot for the money. We now run on:

  Pentium II 450 MHz
  128 Mb RAM
  4 GB disk
  100 Mbps D-Link Ethernet

Current balance:

217 SKR

Non Anonymous Donations:

Date Donator Donation
970722 Mizar 213,28 SKR (50 DM)
970729 Beltonin 220,00 SKR
970804 Dwar 158,85 SKR (20 USD)
970805 Galadriel 300,00 SKR
971101 Doc 500 SKR
971118 Agrisar 320 SKR (40 USD)
980910 Mizar 1.231 SKR (250 DM)
981006 Yuric 400 SKR
981007 Weirdo 3.214,50 SKR (3000 NOK)
981007 Watson 440 SKR (100 DM)
981006 Yuric 400 SKR
981012 Drihthelm 156 SKR (20 USD)
981014 DarKmage 156 SKR (20 USD)
981014 Dragul S3 VGA gfx card
981014 Galadriel MS Mouse I
981014 Garfield 150 SKR
981015 Stealth 565 SKR (75 USD)
981021 Celestial 480 SKR (100 AUD)

Last edited by Galadriel on March 28, 1999.

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