Welcome to the Midnight Sun Picture Gallery.
Players in our game can upload pictures of themselves for others to see. The players who have done so show up in the menu on the left and are indexed by the first character of their name. If you click on one of the characters on your left, that group will expand and show all the names under it. If you click on it again the group will collapse. Clicking on one of the names will give you information about the player (and their picture, of course).

What are the rules for the Picture Gallery?
Ok, first of all: the idea for the gallery is not really within our medieval theme. This means that we are not looking for pictures of how you feel your character looks. The idea is to give your fellow players a chance to have an image of you when they are playing with (or against) you.
So the first rule is: Real(-life) pictures (of yourself) only!
The 2nd rule is that we do not accept pictures over 100.000 bytes.
Please accept and obey these two rules, the gallery is there because players asked for it. We gladly offer this option, but with the above restrictions. If you don't like them, then please simply don't use it at all.
Note: We also recommend that the uploaded pictures do not exceed 500 pixels in width, for easier viewing. Extremely oversized pictures may be removed or resized without warning.

How can I get my picture in here?
NOTE: The picture gallery is only for existing players. So you are required to login to this website before you get to the upload page.

To get to the upload page simply follow this link
To remove your existing picture follow this removal link