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Aldar is an island in the sea, east of the Central Castle. The island is mostly covered in a dense jungle, but there is a large castle on the west side of the island. This castle contains many shops and is the home for many people. There is a large royal tower in the northeast corner of the castle, where the royal family reside. They are more than happy to welcome new adventurers to Aldar. You can travel to Aldar by dragon, by typing 'hitchhike aldar' at a hitchhiking spot. You will be dropped on the top of the northwest tower of Aldar Castle, by a friendly dragon. You can also take the boat from Bay Road to to docks on the west side of Aldar Island.

Situated in Aldar Castle is the barracks of the Aldar soldiers. There are many soldiers in Aldar, as the castle is often raided by a group of pirates. These pirates loot and pillage, and then disappear to their secret hideout somewhere on the island. The soldiers have tried many times to find this hideout, but have never succeeded. They are happy to accept your vows of allegiance.

Aldar Island is an area for medium levels, however there is a jungle area for low - medium levels.

Here is a thumbnail of a picture of Aldar I made. Click it to see the full size version. As you can see, it is one of my first attempts at 3D art. ;)

Aldar was created and is maintained by Macros.
With help from Belgarion.


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