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Time and game status

Here we have gathered all non-lore information (read: completely dull balarky). Nothing of any interest whatsoever, steer well clear.

  • All changes made to Almoth will be announced here. This might mean an entirely new extension, or just a small backroom somewhere. Even though you'd do well to forget the rest of the Almoth pages, this one deserves a check from time to time, as it will keep you up to date with what dangers lurks within our land.

  • The warped minds behind Almoth. Surely they must be suffering from something with a long medical name?

  • A few roses to our accomplices, without whose help Almoth would be even more of a mess. Heh, and you thought it was bad now? Just ask one of these fellows how things looked before!

  • On this page you can keep up with what we are currently working at, and take suitable counter-measures. According to the current plan, there will be no more part-extensions. Meaning, with the next release, Almoth will be complete. Which was the plan before this last extension as well, we must admit, so we'll see how things goes. Follow this link for a short list of the different projects this last release will consist of, and how far along production has come.

  • The old, much nicer homepage. *pokes female Immortal beginning with E*

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