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When you enter Almoth, the titanic conflict that rages within are in its final stages. A week or two from now, Vlaurkir and his forces will surely have run over Minbara's stout defenders. Unless a hero steps forth... The Quest, "The Almoth Wars", is (as all epic stories-of-war should be) divided in three episodes, each a quest of its own. It is more of a triangle than a trilogy, as the first two must be completed in order to solve the last. The second episode, however, does not require the first. For more information on each episode, check the questbook.

  • episode I - Imrahil's Hope

Suitable for medium and high levels.
Solved 401 times.
Recent events has caused Imrahil to give up hope. Instead of supervising Minbara's defences, and keeping the courage of his men intact, he now keeps to himself in his tower. If someone doesn't undo these events - and soon - the Minbarians, deprived of Imrahil's excellent leadership, will prove no match for the Vlaurkans.

  • episode II - Turning The Tides

No fighting.
Solved 247 times.
Full scale war rages on the field. The Vlaurkan forces have obliterated Opet, and it is just a matter of time before the stout army of Minbara will meet the same fate. Unless, somehow, the Minbarian situation drastically improves...

  • episode III - ?

Requires episode I & II. For high levels.
Not yet solveable.
Block the source of these 100 years of suffering, once and for all. This episode is still in the works, check the Apprehension page for more information.

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