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Updated 14/3 '02: The day of reckoning has arrived! Work on Almoth Episode III has resumed! Tremble! Etc etc. =) Anyways, Pellevin and Elanor are at it again. Neither can pour that much time into it, so completion still lies far away. Still, their devotion is bigger than ever, in no small part thanx to the praise & motivation received from all members of the almoth fan club. It is for you lot we're doing this. Lots of new code has already been excreted, and things look really promising! Check back here for continuous updates. We're having fun again!

  • Vlaurkir's fortress

5% complete.
The plan is still to complete Opet and the Mountain before initiating serious work on the fortress. Be that as it might, ideas & code have already been conceived...

  • Opet

85% complete.
Opet is now all but complete, just a single building left! (slight overstatement)

  • Mountain of Blood

50% complete.
Redesigned and recoded. Main event is rather Indiana-Jones-inspired, and should prove a laugh or two. =)

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