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As opposed to most wars, the Almoth conflict is very black and white. It is a classical pit of good against evil, with Opet providing the joker role until obliterated in a recent strike. Almost every realm in MS have officially condemned the Vlaurkan cause, and taken a stand for Minbara. It is strongly suggested that you do the same.

  • The Minbarian army is not an army as such, but more of a defence. When enlisting and organising the able villagers, the thought was purely to provide protection from an attack from the north, an attack everyone knew would come sooner or later. And now it's here...

  • The stereotypically evil Vlaurkir has with aid from other of his kind enlisted a huge army of men who's souls were for sale. This collection of badguys have now taken it upon themselves to destroy Minbara, one of the last outposts of hope and kindness in the known world.

  • Conflicts as titanic as the Almoth wars attracts not only mighty warriors, but also amasses powerful weapons. Many renowned pieces of equipment can be found in the lands now, worn and wielded by both sides.

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