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There are many legendary weapons and armours employed in the current conflict, by Minbarians and Vlaurkans alike. Below is a list of the most powerful ones.
  • Justice
    Justice is by far the most renowned weapon employed in the conflict. When this feared lance is wielded by a good man against an evil opponent, it will blast the latter with fire from the sky. Such is the situation now, as Justice is in the hands of Minbara's ruler prince Imrahil. Many believe him and the lance to be the only thing that can stand in Vlaurkir's way.

  • Helmet of the Sun
    This helmet generates a forcefield round it's wearer, which offers great protection. It was magically spawned by Huy's warrior priests in Opet, in a vain attempt to create an armour with which they could oppose the Vlaurkan threat. Just days later, the city fell and the helmet was captured. This powerful piece of armour is now in the hands of evil...

  • Badge of Command
    This small badge, shaped as a grinning skull, is worn by some of Taal'aar's most mighty warriors. It is very small and quite non-descript, but offers unmatched magical protection.

  • Taal'aar's shield
    A mighty shield, it seems at first to be made of glass and likely to shatter at any moment. However, you'll soon realise that it is tougher than the finest steel. This shield is carried into war by Vlaurkir's right-hand man general Taal'aar. It is enchanted by wicked magical arts, and just as much a weapon as a piece of armour. in the attack.

  • Blade of the damned souls
    This feared sword is wielded by Basti, once a servant of good but now on Vlaurkir's payroll. The stories say that the blood of countless virgins was spilled in its making.

  • Belt of Saul
    A strange looking belt, made of interlinked gold rings. It is the most treasured possesion of the legendary sorcerer SAUL, now fighting in the Almoth wars on Vlaurkir's side. The legends say that for those powerful enough to control it, the rewards are great. The legends also say, however, that the risks are almost as big...

  • Delmar's mithril plate
    Worn by Delmar, supreme commander of Imrahil's warriors, it is as tough as it's wearer. Yet it is very light, enabling Delmar to scythe his way through the Vlaurkan lines unencumbered.

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