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Minbara is the geographic and administrative center of Almoth, and thus the site of the ruler, currently prince Imrahil. It is a city of renowned beauty, even though it has been partly razed several times in its short history. Apart from the many villager dwellings, you can here find the famous Poacher's Pocket, the pub you have no doubt heard friends at the bardisk dream about. A visit here is heartely recommended, justified through the marvellous food, the joyful atmosphere, and, last but not least, the many high quality beverages served here. And be sure not to miss Veronah's performance! Another dominating building is the Barracks, home of the Minbarian army. This otherwise busy place is mostly deserted now, though, as a temporary headquarters has been erected in the wilderness, where full-scale war now rages. In times of peace the Minbarian Library is frequented quite a lot, often by scholars from far away. The collection of books found here, unequalled by all (apart from the library in central castle, of course), is alone reason enough to undertake a travel to Minbara. Finally, the building that dominates the city - prince Imrahil's fairytale Tower. Reaching heights above and beyond even the dragontower, it is visible from very far away. Close up it's even more breath-taking, as no expense was spared in making the tower the most beautiful building in all of Midnight Sun. Wether or not this succeeded is much debated, but the fact remains that no one will ever forget the first time they laid eyes on this magnificent building. Recently, though, the steady flow of travellers coming to admire the tower has diminished, as have regular visitors. Partly because of the war that has reached dangerously close to the northern city gate, but also because of the hardened climate that now taints Minbara. Crime is at an all-time high, and suspicious deaths are no longer rare. It is believed that Manatassi is the masterminding what is happeing from a secret hideout, and that he is acting on Vlaurkir's orders. So far, no progress has been made in dealing with the situation. Most experts agree on that if this inside threat is not dealt with, it will be impossible for the Minbarian to muster the strength needed to deal with it's northern foe.

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