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This inhospitable mountain is almost impossible to traverse, as it has smooth, very steep sides. There are however a small network of paths, used by the strange and dangerous wildlife. On the very peak of the mount, the famous dread eagles have nested. They will invariably attack anyone that even remotely resembles a threat. The eagles, combined with the mountain's bloodthirsty beasts, make it so that no one but the bravest of adventurers dares venture here, and those who do seldom returns. The reason they come at all, is for the lure of the grotto. This was once the home of a fierce dragon, who made a habit of descending from the mountain and harrasing the people of Almoth. Eventually it became evident that the situation had to be resolved, thus Delmar travelled up the mountain, made his way through the cave into the dragon's lair, and, after a titanic battle, managed to slay him. Now the punchline - the dragon was known for its love for twinkling treasures, yet Delmar brought nothing back with him. So, surely, the dragon's treasure must still be up there... ?

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