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Words of darkness, fear and decay follow the realms of Bloodwych.
Yet as every gossip, it is a vague and biased source of information
at best.


There are stories of a noble paladin-warrior who has set her temple
at the entrance to hell just to keep its evil inside. There are rumours
of a lost city of Darkonia, the mysterious drow elves' home. There are
references to a sea hidden deep inside the underground at a place where
no one would ever expect it. There are beasts, secrets and rewards just
waiting to be discovered. And if explored right you can even see the
stars at night. An experience every Midnight Sun astrologer would pay
a fortune for.

Welcome to Bloodwych, the realms of everything. From the insignificant
wastelands suitable for youngsters dreaming about making a name for
themselves to the lair of Medusa which leaves even the greatest petrified
with fear.

Top Bloodwych killers