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Certhunia is a small kingdom located west of the Central castle
with a capital city called Certhun. King Mythidion with queen
Lythildia rule the lands with a firm but fair hand. The pub in
Certhun city is famous for its steaks.

The eastern part of Certhunia was once a prosperous land too,
but ages ago unknown evil corrupted it and turned into desert.
The only memory of the old times is the Cathedral, located
now in the middle of the desert. However, once being called
White Cathedral, it no longer bears this name, because the curse
of an ancient evil turned its once shinning walls to dark black,
so it is now called The Black Cathedral.

Recently the peaceful life has been disturbed by the news from
Certhun city temple. The chief priest has been murdered and
the temple is overrun by evil. Rumours say, that the origin of
this new evil is indeed The Black Cathedral itself.

This area is suited for medium level players.