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Drupacia, the Forgotten Realms

Long ago, the entire realm was infested by evil monsters. Monsters who did not care for the meaning of human life nor their desire to live in a stable and secure environment. As a result, most of the human communities were brutally and viciously destroyed.

Out of the rubble and destruction, a new feeling and sentiment began to influence the people of the realms. They began to realise that whatever position they took, ulimate survival and peace depended on the philosophy: "Either they die, or we die."

The people became more and more militant, eager to fight at the least provocation. However, people who had been suppressed and submissive almost all their life, could not become expert fighters almost overnight. Sadly but not unexpected, the massacre of the poorly armed and trained people was vicious and complete.

Maelstorm had been born during this time of uncertainty and indecisiveness. His father had been a strong advocate of militant actions, and the brutal and savage death of his father impressed on the young Maelstorm the overwhelming desire to adopt and fulfill his father's beliefs. Unfortunately for Maelstorm, his adoption of the militant beliefs came at a time when the people themselves had lost faith in the wisdom of attempting to fight for their freedom.

It took long, and hard years before Maelstorm was even ready to confront the weakest of his enemy. During his time of training, he had made a true and lasting friend. Xaern was the man who made tools for the people of the realms. Without any hesitation he quit the tool business and with what little knowledge of tool making he had, used it forge four pieces of durable equipment. The rest as they say "...is history." The fight to rid the realms wasn't easy. However, peace was eventually achieved albeit at VERY high costs.

Like most heroic acts of courage, followers of Maelstorm arose. Followers who wanted to learn the principles and ideals of Maelstorm. They became known as "Knights of the Order of Drupacia."

Eventually, after years and years of peace, many left the order to go out into the world and seek adventure of their own. The order of the "Knights of Drupacia" soon after collapsed.


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