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Shaolin Empire was known as Lands of Ninjas, located east from
Central castle. Once a great realm, now in ruins, which have been
overgrown by the Jungle in eastern part of the former Empire.

The greatest ninja of all times was Shang Tzung. Legends were told
about his fights and battles and thousands of his enemies were sent to
Hades' realm by him. However, as he grew older, he started to be
afraid of his own mortality. He was corrupted by the dark wizard Traminar
by the promise of immortality. As Traminar's minion, his powers were even
greater but evil. His roaming throught Midnight Sun lands was stopped
only by the combined efforts of Shaolin Grandmaster Airwave and his young
apprentice Conan, resulting in the banishment of Shang Tzung to thr Dark Prison.

After Shang Tzung's banishment, the Shaolin Empire was in ruins. Not much has
remained from its old glory, except for the battle arena. After burying
his master Airwave, young Conan left the lands forever and founded the
War Monks Guild far north from Central Castle, near Kurly village. The
Shaolin empire was slowly rebuilt.

However, Shang Tzung was far from finished. With the aid of his vice,
evil Gordon, he managed to escape from the Dark Prison and tried to
bring revenge to Shaolin Empire again. By organizing the Shaolin
Tournament he tried to finish his enemies for good, so that the chaos
on the empire would be complete. Only four warriors survived the battles
and Shang Tzung's plan had come to a violent end.

Facing execution for his failure and the apparent death of Gordon,
Shang Tzung convinced his master to grant him a second chance.

Shang Tzung's new plan was to challenge his enemies to compete in the
Outworld where they will meet certain death by Shang Tzung himself.

A bold adventurer, can find Shang Tzung and finish all of his fighters 
like only a true warrior can, and prevent him from ruining the empire.

This area is suited for medium level players except for the Jungle, which
is good also for low level players.