Midnight Sun 2


Everlund is the capital city in the lands of Yuric and Yggwilv. The primary sites are:

The town of Everlund: The capital where lots of players venture.
                                    You may ride a dragon to get there.
                                    In Everlund you may find; The temple of Lathander, where the priest
                                    guild lies.
                                    The tower of Sorcery, where the sorcerers guild lies.
                                    The citadel of the Green Plumes. The tavern of Everlund. A tatooer's shop.
                                    The scary cemetery, where dark secrets are hidden.
                                    And much more, just waiting for your discovery.

The Grey forest:  East of Everlund, wherein lies a fabled tower of a crazy necromancer, as well as a

The Neverwinter woods: The fabled forest where faeries and dire creatures make their abode.
                                      Jack the Lumber Jack also lives here, and spends most of his days
                                      searching for something.

The Farsea swamp:  This vile place is located somewhere near the Neverwinter Woods.
                                 It contains many mysterious beasts and places.

Happy hounting grounds: An area perhaps more suited to the not-so experienced players.
                                        Find easy game and hunt for fun. The game can be found in
                                        Neverwinter wood.

The Wasteland: A barren plain outside Everlund.

The Dragonspine mountains: This mountain range hides many things and some very powerful