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Welcome to the Gambler Hou$e

The MS Gambling house runs the most unique gambling game under the never setting sun. The game is to be played by two players. In order to play both have to pay a fee to the house. The winner will receive a cash price (higher than the fee of course) The rules to the game are simply, the game itself is very mind-challenging though. Curious about the rules ? Ok here we go

The playing board




How to play
(We assume a player 'A' and a player 'B')

  • 'A' chooses an unused brick (e.i. 'DFHB') and points the one to 'B'. (e.i. 'point DFHB')
  • 'B' must now place that brick (that was pointed by 'A') on any free space on the board. (e.i. 'place 8')
  • 'B' points on a new unused brick.
  • 'A' must now place the brick in any free space on the gameboard.
  • Repeat these steps until game has ended.

How to win

  • The winning condition is to get 4 similar letters in a row, column, or diagonally. As example: 'BEDG EHBD FBGD BDFH' is a winning condition because the letter 'B' exists in all four bricks.
  • The winner is the one that place the brick, not the one choosing it.
  • If one of the participants leave the room before the game has ended, that participant is declared as loser and the other one as winner.
  • If all bricks have been placed without winning condition is met, the game is declared drawn with neither winner nor loser.

Other need-to-knows

  • If a player exceeds the time limit of 5 minutes while choosing or placing a brick, the brick will be randomly pointed or placed and passed on to next turn.
  • If you leave any items behind you when you leave this room, the items will be confiscated.


  • New gamblers start with a rank value of 0.
  • The fee to play a game and the reward the winner will get, is explained by looking at the plaque 'rates'.
  • The winner of a game gets (in addition to the money) a rank value that is one higher than before.
  • A player that has reached rank 5 at least once, will earn status as SMART GAMBLER. Obtaining the rank of Smart Gambler will reward you quest experience (see the quest book)
  • The loser of a game gets a rank value that is one lower than before. The value can never be lower than 0.
  • You can only challenge somebody that has the same ranking value as yourself.
  • The rank value of a player that is not challening with somebody, will drop by one every 2 months (but not below minimum value).
  • You can train with anybody. The idea with this possibility is to learn how to play the game. The small symbolic fee is for the rent of a private room with a gameboard.
  • The rules how to play the game are in the rooms where the gameboards are.
  • By looking at the 'toprank' plaque it is possible to check out the current top list of smart gamblers.
  • By looking at the 'valid' plaque it is possible to see the names of those you can currently challenge.
  • By looking at the 'news' plaque it is possible to check out the result of the latest challenges.
  • To train with somebody, type "train <name>". To challenge somebody, type "challenge <name>".
  • If some items are left in the rooms after game has ended, these items will be confiscated by the owner of Gambler's House.
  • The highest possible rank value is 10. This means that the following exceptional rules applies when two rank 10 challenges each other:

    • The winner will get rank 10.
    • The loser will get rank 8.
    • If no winner nor loser is found, both players will get rank 9.
    • Every other rank 10 player will drop to rank 9 when the challenge begins. This is a logical step as the winner of a challenge 10 game should alone get the highest value.

  • Last but not, least we also have the local champion of the House which you can challenge if you really think you are exceptionally good in this game. His famous name is Aleck and only a very few managed to beat him so far. Those who did are carved in our golden 'masters' plaque forever and deserve the utmost respect and honour.

          Curious? Well why are you still here then? Try your luck and visit the Gamblers Hou$e !!!