Midnight Sun 2

Land of Good and Land of Evil

Land of Good and Land of Evil.

In the Land of Good you can only find good creatures - please, be patient with them, they may be a little bit stupid. But remember, they are GOOD. If you find them (and their environment) boring, don't be confused - everything there is supposed to be boring.

In the Land of Evil you can find, of course, only evil creatures. Some of them may be very powerful, I recommend that you be careful. You can also hitchike to the Land of Evil - simply type at the top of the tower of dragons in the central castle: 'hitchike landofevil'.
By the way, some evil monsters are hidden, so you should search a bit to find them.

I warmly invite you into my lands, for a look around and for getting some experience.

Ruziklan the poor mighty wizard.