The river Hercyna has long been both boon and bane to the local residents. Despite creating the green and fertile lands which they farm to provide their sustenance, it also wields dangerous powers in both its flood and the fierceness of its current. It should come as no great surprise, then, to learn that for many years Hercyna's inhabitants have come to rely on the protection and blessings of the goddess Istishia, the Lady of the Waters, who is thought to watch over the springs which originate in the area. It is believed that she will protect all those who faithfully abide by her will from the dangers and perils of the water. Her worshipping flock are living testimony to this.

Hercyna fields are therefore the obvious location for the Temple dedicated to her, and its resident Keeper is a most helpful source of advice and more. The river itself meanders greatly through the fields, separating them from the surrounding forests and farmland, though it's hard to believe there's no possible means to reach the forest... and any red- blooded adventurer will surely want to seek out the rumoured treasure- filled caves, which abound in an area of so much soft rock.

Visitors are advised to be observant, to heed warning with caution, and to dedicate themselves to the Goddess of the Waters. A visit to the Temple should suffice in answering queries as to which areas are suitable for which levels.

May Istishia protect you.

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