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Across hills and mountains, far east and then some lies the land of
Kanaki. Ruled by the brave soldiers for whom the land was named.

A land of apparent peace and order, but beneath the surface powers
are stirring. Who and what they want is for you to discover. Perhaps
you agree with the other side. Perhaps not.

Travelers of all kinds are welcome to Kanaki. There is nothing to be
feared. A fair warning! Exploring, beyond the safety that the Kanaki
soldiers offer, can be hazardous to even the strongest of adventurers.
It is advised that you tread carefully and don't rush forward. The way
back isn't always the way you came, but curiosity will be rewarded.

There is much to be discovered as only a small portion of the area is
immediately reachable.

Currently Kanaki is only reachable through dragon flight.