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The Island of Lesumnon was small yet rich and prosperous land only a few years ago, most famous for its amazing corn producing the unspoilable bread! However, the sudden departure of Sellow, the druidess who founded the farm and enchanted the grain by this powerful spell, caused its wealth to decline rapidly.

Even though the fields didn't lose this amazing ability, somehow, the loss of Sellow unleashed an army of nasty grasshoppers coming out of the mystical marsh nearby whose wipe the harvest out almost completely.

Due to this trouble the outpost is now inhabited only by low-stock people, smugglers, unsuccessful ex-pirates and perhaps a few merchants of questionable origin at best since without its primary commodity there are simply not enough visits from outside to keep the local economy alive.

The island is a good place for any young adventurers between levels three to nine yet the less experienced of you should be still very careful while walking around as some of the enemies may be neither so friendly nor so weak as you would expect in a typical newbie grounds. On the other hand, if you visit this place early and explore its secrets to the utmost depths you might quite possibly find it a much more rewarding realm than you would ever expect from a newbie area as well.

The choice is yours, young one. But remember... One cannot become a hero without facing a challenge.

Elvira Talgar & Lilac the Creator, XXVI. VIV. MMV.