Midnight Sun 2


In the dawn of time, when darkness ruled the earth, entities formed into vivid beings of might and magic. They were creatures of soul alone, unaware of the limitations of flesh. As they developed they finally understood that the gift of eternal life was also a burden, upon which they were bestowed, to live forever bound to nothing but their soul.

A few of these beings vanished to never be seen or heard from again, while others prospered and grew even mightier. A handful came to be leaders among their race, wise and full of insight, and others followed their lead. In the end of the first age, these leaders fought a war to raise one above all. It was to be the end of many of these beings of soul. Noone won.

In the second age, these entities learned how to take the form of flesh and later they won the capacity to create flesh and form from the very void itself. They were creators, and weaving life from void. They did not understand evil nor good, passion or hate, their meaning of life were the creation itself.

It was so the earth formed, plants covered the lifeless dust and animals walked the plains. As the beings of soul developed their skill of creation, more intelligent creatures was brought to life. Gnomes, dwarves, humans, and elves, just to mention a few. The mighty creators, the beings of soul alone, was known a gods and demigods.

One of the mightiest, came to be known as Silvanus, the good of the forests. In his might was the ability to weave the most wondrous forests and beings of these woods. On earth, the most famous of these woods came to be known as Llorien, the home of the elves.

Llorien, vast land of green and beauty, came to be the living heart of the lands, full of life and beauty. No where is so great a treasure ever to be found, of unimaginable grace and wonder, from small rivulets of crystal water to huge woods of magic. The elves, the beings created to resemble the gods themselves, made these woods their home because of their richness in magic and beauty.

The woods also became the home of the druids, men devoted to the wilderness of the forests. In the heart of the forest, there is a circle of stones, an ancient place of magic and awe, this is the centre of the druids, the guild almost as old as the forests themselves.

In the north of the land of forests, there is a huge castle, raised in defense of the forests by the elves. Its shimmering walls of white rock, yields protection from many of the beasts of the world. The queen of the druids herself, walks the long corridors of this mighty fortress.

On a exceptionally clear evening, when the stars glow above a perfect void, a sudden breeze could foretell the presence of Silvanus, wandering the forests of Llorien. If you feel an odd sensation of being accompanied, stay a moment in wonder and pray a silent prayer to the creator of the woods. You never know when you would stalk close to him again.