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The Island of Magic

A long time ago in the realm of Lustria, when magic was still young and people were fearful of its power, there lived a bright and great archmage named Arcanarton. One day while practicing his magic spells, he accidentally killed his wife and children. The people of his village, fearful of this great magical power, branded together and banished him from the village.

Alone, frightened and laden with guilt about the loss of his family, Arcanarton wandered through the wilderness until he came across a deserted island some distance from his village but within the realm of Lustria.

Arcanarton lived on the desolate Island for a very long time and as the years progressed, and no one came to visit him, he became increasingly lonely, and angry over his actions. Increasingly, his anger led to despair and his mind began to deterioate, primarily from lack of human contact. Arcanarton felt that he was harshly punished for his mistake and became increasingly angry and irritated at those who banished him.

As the years progressed, Arcanarton's magic power increased by leaps and bounds and so too did his anger and his desire to avenge those who had banished him. Arcanarton, using his magical powers, had created several pets, not only to keep his company but also as weaponsl. The most dangerous of them was called The Wyrm, a giant undead dragon that was noted for breathing death.

As news spread of Arcanarton mounting RAGE and ARMY, the mages of Lustria came together to decide the best way to destroy Arcanarton. Late one night, when the sea around the Island of Arcanarton was rough, the wind was high, and lightening and thunder pealed from the sky, the mages of Lustria attacked the Tower of Arcanarton. Little is know about the GREAT battle because few lived to tell the tale. Those who lived, were forever fearful, because Arcanarton had promised that 'He would be back to take his revenge'.

Many in the realm of Lustria and Midnight Sun still believe that Arcanarton roams the island as an undead spirit.

When you are next in the realms of Midnight Sun, you can visit the Island of Magic by hitchhiking on a dragon to Arcanarton. You can also attempt to solve the Island of Magic Quest.

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