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Time and game status
The domain of Manetheren is one designed from the mind of a great
storyteller and writer, Robert Jordan. He and his Wheel of Time series
desearves and get all credit for the creations found withing. Hail Mighty Jordan.

The land is reachable on foot and via rides from the great winged beasts.
A hard land indeed, filled with various forms of flavour and depth, and is
one wrought with great adventures, quests, battles and victories.
But only for those prepared to face the darkest dangers and the grandest
opposition. The weak of heart, please stay home. Those of mighty wills,
step forward and claim your prizes, well... attempt to.
Remember this always... The Wheel of Time Wills...
Note, there are a good many diviations from the original story that, in no way
are an attempt to undermind, disrupt, or discredit the works of Jordan, however
are attempts at differing, while providing you a different view of the great
and wonderful story; from a different standpoint. There are also additions to
the area completely unrelated to anything from Jordan's works.

What does Manetheren entail...

The Lore of Manetheren may differ from pub to shop, player to player,
and story to story, however, know this: All are true, and most are false.
Manetheren is indeed conquerable, but not by all.
It is easy, but only in parts.
It is difficult, but again, only in parts.
It is extremely dangerous, well, perhaps this is true. But note, danger
does not necessarily indicate the level of difficulty. Alot can be said for
the careful traveller.
It harbours a great many secrets. Indeed, but then, secrets are only that
until they are discovered no?

So, now perhaps it is time for you to journey forth, discovering for yourself
that which some may know, that which few may not, and some that noone
does. Will you succeed. Doth ye have what it taketh?

I've but one question...
How long will you survive in the land of the Ancient Bloodline?

Town of Edmond's Field
Wild Woods
Newbie Fields
Ruins of Manetheren

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