Midnight Sun 2

The Grasslands

The Plains of Midnight Sun are a vast expanse of grasslands. It is an area created by the most powerful of magics, and that magic still alters the grasslands occasionally. The most profound example of this are the enchanted trees that appear and disappear, almost at will. Some say one of them holds a powerful staff, placed there by the one who's magic brought forth the plains. You will have to search for yourself, if you wish to know if its true or not.

Many creatures inhabit the plains, above and below. A wolf pack hunts antelope, stalking their prey and striking when least expected. If you are patient enough, you might witness one of these savage killings, but only if you are lucky. You might also consider investigating the rumour that ants have infested the land under the plains. Be wary, though, because the rumours speak of the ants tearing some unsuspecting adventurers limb from limb.

North of the Plains, lies Drelexor Castle.

Lexington, the creator of the Grasslands.