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Realm of the Raven

Be welcome to the realm of the raven with its capital Barovia.

The realm of the raven:
The realm is surrounded with strange mists that keep the eternal
sun out and as some say the dark and evil creatures in.
Bevare! The land is filled with evil creatures controlled
by some unknown power.

Barovia: Here you can find the Lycanthropes guild and a small cosy tavern
called The blood and the vine. I recomend the so called blood-
wine. The mayor of barovia is a very troubled man, not only
because of the evil that lurk in the lands surrounding his
village. Go visit him to hear his tale.

If you need any advice when travelling in this frightful realm just ask
Arnach if he is present or just use the idea,typo and bug commands.

Have a nice fright!

/Arnach the lord of lycanthropes.