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The Robberland Forest

The Robberland Forest. Sheriff's Bane. An Old Warriors obsession.
This forest, located to the south of everlund, is one of the most
lawless areas in the entire of midnight. Infested with robbers, lead
by their fearsome chieftain. they have come to call the entire forest
their own. Anyone traveling within the area, is fair game in their
opinion, regardless of rank, gender or strength. The stomping grounds
of many a high level player, in this area, you will find a great deal
of robbers to be fought, but more importantly you will most likely
find a way to make your purse that much heavier, after leaving the forest.
Especially, if you were to pay a visit to the old warrior at the top of
the cliffs, whose obsession it is, to rid the world of such foul scum
as the robbers of this forest.

So come and have a visit, and have a grand adventure, and perhaps, leave
a rich man/woman.