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The Sorcerers Guild

Even if the guild is not as old as the dawn, its powers are as old as the Midnight-sun itself. By molding and shaping the weave of essence flowing through the realm, a sorcerer can invoke powerful spells and mystical powers.

Sorcerers do not strive for good, neutrality or evil. These are values that priests and druids may argue about. A sorcerer does instead seek to gain more influence of the weave of essence. How this is obtained is of no importance.

The magic of Midnight-sun must be preserved and maintained, and the flow of essence must continue to weave. This is the duty of a sorcerer.

Mighty magic was invoked when a great tower appeared overnight in the village of Everlund. This tower of sorcery is the guild of sorcerers and a point of focus for the weave of essence.

At the point where magical powers starts to manifest themselves in a student, he will also develop a magical field to draw his power from. Unfortunately, the only equipment that completely interacts with this field are staves. Any other piece of equipment interferes with this field to various degrees, and causes the mage to loose significant spell powers.

Recently there has been discovered ways to both reduce this problem and to take greater advantages of it. Thus the mage society was divided into the swordmages; mages who seek to avoid the use of the field by concentrating on lesser, combat oriented spells, and archmages; mages who have almost completely sacrificed physical equipment in the belief that the weave of essence is both shield and weapon enough. Also still there exists the fraction of the sorcerers though, who thinks things were just fine the way they were.

Those who seek to preserve magic and gain magical powers have found the right guild.

Members of the guild can roam the guild here.

May the weave of essence flow strong.

  /Yggwilv the mistress of essence and much more.
/Xilor the Arcane.


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