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Thalanar the Land of the Undead

Aeons ago, in the land of Thalanar, ruled a mighty king, a man of
great wealth and prosperity. He lived a life of luxury due to his
legion of mercenaries. His warriors were lead by the undefeated
and mighty Warrior Princess Intala, whose army was undefeated and
renowned for their brutality and slaugther.

Greed came to Intala and voices had begun to whisper in her ears.
It was her time to rule and to profit from her own superiority and

One of the whispering voices was Rhaywyyr Er'eladum, the love of
Intala. Together, Intala and Rhaywyyr decided to dethrone the King
and rule together. In their battle with the ruler, the mercenaries
were cursed by Mherlin, the King's brother. Rhaywyyr and Intala both
died, but they were forced to live on in afterlife. The lovers were
captured in opposite sides of Thalanar, doomed to everlasting

It is said that no living man or creature walks the land of Thalanar
any more. A powerful adventurer with little fear of facing death
should venture there, for it is said that it holds great treasures
for the ones who dare.