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The Ivory Tower

Somewhere south of the central castle, a family of noble birth and great wealth made their dwelling in a gleaming Ivory Tower, which stretches to the sky and glitters in the light of the never-setting sun...

You are invited to explore this grand building, and perhaps to meet some of the inhabitants. Come and view the splendour of the long room, where the Tower's famous banquets and hog-roasts have taken place for centuries. Marvel at the ancient foundations and the Tower's history, still visible in features such as the kitchen fireplace and the heraldic tapestries. Admire the handywork of our resident experts of anything from medicine to glasswork and silverware. View the realms from our elevated balcony, for an unrivalled view of the surrounding area!

While taking in your breathtaking surroundings, please spare a thought for the residents of the Tower, who are always pleased to talk things through with visitors, and happy to let them help... The quest situated in the Ivory Tower, "The Lily-White Rose", is a non-fighting quest and should therefore be suitable for all levels. Details of this can be found in the Questbooks on the web or in the game.

Please, enjoy your visit!