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Rumours say that somewhere deep below the ragged, snow-covered peaks of the Dragonspine Mountains lies an underground drow city, well hidden from the outside world.

The drow do not take kindly to visitors, for they value their privacy above anything. Should you want to explore the surrounding tunnels, use utmost caution. For the tunnels too are full of danger beyond your worst nightmares. Creatures of unknown origin lurk in off-road caves, waiting for the unwary adventurer. The city itself is home to an ancient cult of Lloth, the dark spider goddess who is told to require bloody rituals and even human sacrifices. Her main temple is permanently surrounded by a shroud of darkness. Only a select few are allowed to enter the Lower City where the temple is located.

In the Upper City you can find public services including a massage parlour, a shop selling bizarre mushrooms and lichen, even a house of ill repute (and even worse reputation). But outsiders are sure to be charged a ridiculous price, if not refused service altogether.

Unpleasant as a visit might seem, those who have seen the Noble House, the Arena, or - if lucky - even Lloth's great temple, keep returning.

Returning to once again behold the stalactite buildings lit by an eerie lichen glow.

Returning to breathe the damp cavern air smelling of unknown herbs and mushrooms.

Returning to feel the cold, lofty atmosphere of the city streets.

For should you fall under the strange, bittersweet charm of Underdark, your soul will never again feel at peace.

You will return.


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