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The area of Valhall, is one of the few areas in the Realm of Midnight Sun, that can only be accessed via the help of dragons. This area consists of two rival guilds, the Enforcers, and the Thieves. They are consistantly at war with each other, with the latter based to the south of valhall, and the Thieves guild based to the north.

Contained in this area, also lies the newbie area of Newbieville. This area is an excellent area for the lower levels of Midnight Sun.

Recently the road to Utgard has been cleaned, alowing players to face brawny Jotens and bearded dwarves. Also in Utgard is there a place suited for younger adventurers, the Joten Kindergarden, where small joten children learn to be bad bullies when they grow up. Be on your guard though. These kiddies play rough.

Give this area a visit young adventurer, though, be wary for the area is primary for the higher levels amongst us.

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