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Vlandore, the battlefield between the good and evil,

has been in war since its creation.

In the days when the late Lord of Vlandore
was an ordinary man,
he lived in a beautiful valley in a small cottage
with his wife, Harcett.

They then discovered the nymphs and
sprites in the forest but not for long, the
sprites and evil spirits schemed to take
over and soon all the nymphs were
wiped out.

The chosen couple struggled to fight
against the evil and they were rewarded
in return...

With their reward, they expanded Vlandore, but
the couple remained to guard the evil and eventually,
when our hero passed away,
this important mission was inherited by their son, Ruttero.

However, the evil ones were patient and took their time to plan their revenge.
After Ruttero was happily married, his wife mysteriously disappeared
She was claimed to have committed suicide.
Young adventurer, come and explore this beautiful land,
discover the evil conspiracies and,
join us in this crusade.

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