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Aaga was a sage of great renown, born in far lands west and south from the
central castle. His staff was as famous as him, because it was
magic artifact of great power. He walked through the lands of Midnight Sun,
looking for knowledge and offering help to anyone who needed.

More than 500 years ago, Aaga was captured by evil Zrie Prakis and
imprisoned somewhere below the highest peak of Dragonspine Mountains. Since
he couldn't use Aaga's great staff, he broke it in pieces and scattered them
all over the lands of Midnight Sun. Now he sits in the great tower on
small island, where once Aaga was living.

Hero of Midnight Sun, if you have the brawns and brains, search for Aaga
in Dragonspine Mountains and release him from his prison. And banish the
evil Zrie Prakis, if you can.

This area is for players level 14 or higher.