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General FAQ


What's this MUD thingy anyway? [ Back to Top ]
This and other question related to mudding in general can be found in the FAQ for the rec.games.mud.misc newsgroup. If you are interested in the history of MUDs, you can find a well-written account (including interviews) at Gamespy.

What's the difference between an LPMud and any other MUD? [ Back to Top ]
We are pretty sure the FAQ for the rec.games.mud.lp can sort this out for you. The questions we will answer here are queries we have got from players and would-be-players of Midnight Sun.

Do I need any special program to connect to Midnight Sun? [ Back to Top ]
You need a telnet program, which is included in all Unix systems. There is also telnet for winsock or MacTCP if you're running Microsoft Windows or Macintosh. See also the question about Mud clients further down. If you have problems connecting, you can download GMUD, a simple mud client for Windows, from our server (it is a small zip self-extractor file). Actually, you might want to download it anyway if you don't have a mud client yet, as it will make your first experience with the game much more enjoyable. If you need help installing and running the client, you can find detailed instructions here.

What is a mud client? [ Back to Top ]
A mud client is a special kind of telnet program that was especially designed to play muds with. You can program aliases, highlight certain text strings (like tells) and lots of other nice things. Many people at Midnight Sun use a client. The most popular ones are
TinyFugue: Altough created for usage with MUSHes and Tiny's, it is very good for LPmuds too.
Zmud: A very popular client for the windows platforms.

Is there a mud client for system ...? [ Back to Top ]
TinyFugue compiles under most Unix Systems, Zmud runs on the Windows platforms. For Macintosh, the most popular client is Rapscallion. We have heard of clients for VMS and OS/2, but you have to find them yourself. Section two of the rec.games.mud.misc FAQ is a very good place to start looking!

I can't connect to Midnight Sun. What's up? [ Back to Top ]
There may be several possibilities, including netlag, machinelag, broken network or that we're down. If you are able to reload this page in your browser than it is not the network or our server. In that case have a close look at the settings of you telnet program or mud client.

  • Make sure you have specified the port (3000)
  • Make sure your use that right syntax for that. Some programs require you to fill in the port in a special field others demand you add the port to the hostname. And in that case some require a space between the hostname and the port, others a ':'
  • There may be a problem with the program that searches our ip with our hostname. Try to connect to our numerical address ( instead.
  • If you still can't connect, you might be behind a firewall that prevents you from playing the game. There is little we can do if that is the case.

I can connect but get immediately disconnected again. [ Back to Top ]
Most likely we have added the host you are using to our list of host that are not allowed to connect to Midnight Sun. This happens when people playing from that host broke the rules and were removed. If the situation asks for it we can block the whole host from accessing us. Blocking may last just a couple of days or for an indetermined amount of time. Make sure to read the message given to you before disconnecting. We have several restrictive measurement between normal access and no access. One of those requires you to register with us first through email before you can play. If that is the case it will be shown on your screen when you connect. Another option is that the message says that the game is temporarily closed for players, this happens when something (serious) is wrong that we need to fix before playing can continue. This is not something that happens often but it could happen. In this case the game will be reopened again when the problem is resolved. Try to connect again a bit later.

Does Midnight Sun have/allow... [ Back to Top ]

Guilds Yes, we have several guilds. A player can only belong to one guild though they can leave the guild to join another at any time.
Races All player characters are human or at least start as human.
Spells A guildless person does not have spells, but once you belong to a guild you will have access to a variety of spells and abilities.
Skills Each guild differs. Some do have skill or guildlevel systems that operate alongside the usual levelling system, but some do not. Generally the output of your skills and abilities is based on your stats.
Multiplaying Sufficiently high level players are given the option to create additional characters, but under no circumstances are any players allowed to have more than one character logged into the MUD at one time.
Quest hinting No, questhinting is rude to the wizard who spent a lot of time creating the quest. Quests in MS are not required, however they will help you advance faster. No quest will ever stop you from advancing any further though.
Playerkilling Not really. The intent for this game is a to have a very friendly atmosphere. Playerkilling does not fit in what we want for the game. There may be some places where players can fight each other, but losing in such a fight will not actually kill you.
Robotplaying No, robotplaying is forbidden
Triggers Triggers may only be used if they DO NOT send anything to the mud as a response to something that your client receives from the mud. So as an example, colouring certain messages is legal (does not send anything to the mud), whereas automatically doing a 'get all' when you receive a message '.... died' IS illegal. See the rules for more information.

Hmm but I want those things you don't have ... now what ? [ Back to Top ]
In that case Midnight Sun isn't the right game for you. Since there are many muds out there you should be able to find one. A good place to look for muds is at the Mud Connector.

Someone just said X, what does that mean? [ Back to Top ]
The world of mudding is full of strange abbreviations and terms, these are some of the most common.

    AFK - Away from Keyboard
    - For your information
    IMHO - In my humble opinion
    LD - Linkdead, a user that lost his/her link to the server
    - Laugh out loud
    NPC - Non-Player Character, a creature not controlled by a player.
    OTOH - On the other hand
    ROTFL or ROFL- Rolls on the floor Laughing

In addition, there are also abbreviations unique to Midnigt Sun. Some of those you may run into soon after entering the game are listed below.

    SoA - The Square of Arrivals (login point for new characters)
    - Central Castle (the area in immediate vincity of your login point)
    HH - hitchhike (on a dragon's back, common way of transport)
    EQ - Equipment (armour and weapons)
    - Midnight Sun (this game!)

Can I kill the monster Foo? [ Back to Top ]
We don't know - can you? The only way to find out is to try. Perhaps you should stick to things like butterflies in the beginning and leave the dragons for the lords, though. You can get some hints by using the compare command (see the help page inside the game).

How long is it until that room/monster/object resets? [ Back to Top ]
The time for a given room to reset is not information we have.

Can you reset this room for me? [ Back to Top ]
Rooms or objects etc will only be re-loaded or reset by the immortals in order to correct bugs or errors.

I want to code here, can you insta-wiz me? [ Back to Top ]
We never did that and we never will. We welcome new immortals, but all of them will have to reach level 15 as a player before they can become one.

I like your mud, can I have a copy of the lib (or parts thereof) [ Back to Top ]
We spent a lot of time and effort to make a game we like. We try to make it as unique as we can. Giving out pieces of our code would not help us in that effort and therefore will never be done.

Why aren't there any more answers to frequently asked questions here? [ Back to Top ]
Because we haven't had time to write any yet. If you think you have a question that should be put here, you're welcome to send a mail to us.


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