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Denied suggestions

This page contains a number of old topics that came up over the years (most of them more than once). Most of them were denied by the administrators (if they were not, they would have been implemented and there would be no need to raise them anymore). The reasons for denial can vary. Some are related to the type of game we want to run, others have a technical background. The purpose of this page is not to demotivate people from putting in suggestions, but to give newer players something to read before they suggest things that are considered case closed. So please take a look at this page before you start discussions on the message board about what you would like changed. Perhaps the idea has come up before, but is simply not going to happen on MS.

Spells and game items

  • Spells that heal mental
  • Spells that make you more sober
  • Wimpying in non-exit directions
  • Charisma boosting spells or items

Marriages and like

  • Friendship rings
  • Same-sex marriages
  • Shared bank accounts for married couples

Stats, dying and suicide

  • Unfocus or losing a particular stat
  • Death insurance
  • Real PK

Reboots and (keeping of) equipment

  • Marking items as "yours"
  • Lordroom keys for friends
  • Special storage for items that vanish when being sold or stored in guild storages


  • More boards
  • Turning off the shout channel
  • Ignoring players
  • A vote board
  • Intermud tells

Other denied suggestions

  • Dragon travel between areas, without going to Central Castle
  • Takeaway food and drinks throughout the mud (not just in Central Castle)
  • Various ideas for toplists


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