The Quest Book


Bold adventurers from time to time, in different tides of history,
has always quested for the adventure and thrill to find out how things
are related in the great world under the midnight sun.
Mysterious, Odd, Dangerous and even Fun Adventures lies awaiting you
here on the premises of this world, to be seeked out and solved.
Beware, those quests may not be simple nor harmless, though great
advantages comes from solving a heroic task as a great quest.
Questing in the realms under the midnight sun is a rewarding sport,
since you do not have to solve a quest here if you do not want to.
However, it is told that skilled questers are often more luckily awarded in
battles. This is perhaps not just a rumour, told by witless bald storytellers.
Remember that telling the secrets of quests to other adventurers as well,
will affect negatively on everybody who has solved it before including
In the name of the game of life and the wit of mankind, be most welcome
to adventure under a never setting midnight sun.

And all luck to you MORTAL ONE...