The Quest Book


All quests found in the Book of Quests are supposed to be of
good quality. However, only the mortal adventurers have the
true ability to judge if this is correct or not.

(you can only register quests you have solved)

Your ratings should be based on the following scale:
9 = Supreme. Bugfree. Something Midnight can be proud of.
5 = Average. Minor bugs. It is nothing to be ashamed of,
but nothing to be proud of.
1 = Shameful. Very poor quality. This type of quest will
destroy Midnight's reputation.

Your ratings on the 1-9 scale are converted to a 1-5 scale
for overall ratings for a quest.

OBSERVE. The rating has NOTHING to do with the difficulty of
a quest or if the questvalue of a quest is too high or low. Only
the quality of the quest. Please use creativity, logical syntax,
and bugginess as a guidelines to determine the rating.

It is also possible to leave comments about the quest to the coders.
Use 'comment ' for that. It will put you into an editor where
you can then write your comments.