The Quest Book

Selune's Tear

Selune wept as she watched the stars pale and fade in the approaching
dawn, for she knew the very last night in the realms was about to end.
Selune wept, and her tears were pearls. The pearls fell to the ground,
and where they fell, small shrines were built by those who recognized
their holiness. For centuries, the pearls rested safely, each in its
own shrine. No man or creature would dare to steal them, for they all
feared the wrath of the goddess, and even though the beauty and power
of the pearls tempted many, none has been so vile as to desecrate the
holy places where they were kept. None for centuries. None until now.

One of the pearls has been lost from its shrine recently. Should you
be brave enough to find whoever dared to do such an unholy deed and
recover the pearl to return it where it belongs, you would earn the
gratitude of the goddess, for she herself is upset with the loss.

Combat: Required
Level: Mid (8+)
Complexity: Moderate