The Quest Book

Fury of the Furries

Fury of the Furries

Somewhere near Neverwinter Wood and the Happy Hunting Grond lies a little
village with a big problem. A swarm of hungry bunnies roams the fields
of the innocent inhabitants and makes their lives downright miserable.

Although it made them feel a little better, the villagers soon enough
realized that senseless violence is not the real answer to this plague.
Rumours tell the only way to stop the horrible little furballs from
taking over is to destroy their guardian.

This mythical monster should be somewhere near the village, but the
brave one to end its deadly grip has yet to step forward. Local heroes
weren't brave enough, smart enough, strong enough, interested enough,
or were just too busy to be of assistance.

Now it is up to you, heroic adventurer/adventuress of Midnight Sun!

Combat: Required
Level: Mid (10-12)
Complexity: Moderate