The Quest Book

The Lily-White Rose

Somewhere south of the central castle, a family of noble birth and great
wealth made their dwelling in a gleaming Ivory Tower, which stretches to
the sky and glitters in the light of the never-setting sun. In times of
peace, all seemed well, and the family thrived, treating their servants
with dignity and respect. In return, their loyal servants, the elite of
every profession, provided many different kinds of private services for
them; among these, inspiration from exotic locations and locally-gleaned
magic spread the family's name far and wide.

Their close alliances with lands afar initially brought them good
fortune, yet in more recent years war and conflict between many of the
trading countries and their neighbours brought a halt to relationships.
Where goods were still exchanged and friendship ties remained close, a
pledge of honour held where the family would offer its help should any
trouble arise. It was only a matter of time, then, before the patriarch
was struck down in battle, having travelled to support and fight for his
trading partners. Now, all the men of the tower have travelled also, to
avenge his death and attempt to restore peace and freedom to the lands.

But that all happens far, far away... and there is little that can be
done from our own realms to help them... Instead, seek out the Princess
who lives in the Ivory Tower, sad and restless for her fiance's safe
return, and see how you can help her.

Combat: None
Level: Any
Complexity: Moderate