The Quest Book

To Protect and Serve

Everlund : The home of countless robbers, criminals,
hoodlums and the lowest scum in the realms of Midnight Sun.
Since Everlund's drop into dark chaos, the lawful citizens
demanded justice. Thus the Plumes in Everlund were first
founded, dedicated to bringing all criminals to justice, and
punishing them for the crimes they have committed.

Lately, though, the criminals have been more evasive,
more professional, and the Everlund Plumes need your help
to solve their toughest case. Go to Everlund, brave adventurer,
and seek out a man called Koegen, a Chief among the plumes.

Who knows? It may be your destiny to Protect and Serve...

Combat: Yes
Level: Mid (10-12)
Complexity: Complex