The Quest Book

Find the Dragonslayer

Ancient legends tell of magnificent swords, forged in forgotten times by great
men, who were both proficient artisans and magicians. During this era, the
world was infested by dragons and their kind. Hence, the need of a very
special weapon arose. After several years of hard work, the Dragonslayer
was finished, ready to rid the world of the threat of Dragons. A powerful knight
was equipped with the great blade, and off he went! His crusade lasted for
many a year, making the world a better place to live in. When the world was
cleared from the great evil, the Dragonslayer was given to a clan of war
monks to guard.

Today, the dragons are once again infesting our realms, unfortunately noone
is able to make such a great weapon as the Dragonslayer again, therefore,
you must find it. The war monk clan, who were rivals to the great
Zothen's is rumoured to live in the vast Grey Forest outside Everlund.

Combat: Required
Level: Mid (8-10)
Complexity: Moderate