The Quest Book

Shaolin empire

Centuries ago, the warlock Shang Tzung was banished from the lands of
the Shaolin, for failing his master Shao Khan. With the help of a violent
beast-like warrior Gordon, he gained freedom from his imprisonment.

Attempting to take control of the Shaolin for himself, he organized a
tournament, as a means to lure his enemies into the open to defeat them.

However, Tzung and Gordon were defeated, and four of his enemies remained
alive. Facing execution in disgrace for failing Shao Khan, Tzung begged
for one final chance to prove himself.

Returned to his youth and power, Shang Tzung has organized a new tournament
in Outland, certain that he will now be able to defeat once and for all
the enemies who survived his last attempt.

In his newfound power, Tzung will be too powerful to be defeated by the
other competitors in his contest. YOU must join the tournament, defeat
each of the warriors in turn, to earn the right to face Shang Tzung and
see to it that his evil plan fails.

Rumours say that there is a man in the Shaolin Empire who knows the secrets
of the tournament and should be sought out to learn the knowledge that will
be vital to your success.

Combat: Required
Level: 11+
Complexity: Moderate