The Quest Book

Lesumnon's Last Hope

The Island of Lesumnon was once an abandoned piece of land in the endless
ocean until one day, when a wise and mysterious druidess named Sellow
landed on its coast.

Using the powerful knowledge of Nature, she magically turned the
inhospitable plains into rich soil, producing tons of corn. But that
wasn't all! Unlike common grain used in bread making, Sellow's corn crops
never spoiled. The grain could be stored in the most humid, warm, or dry
places; with each passing month the taste would only improve.

Sellow's fame soon began to spread, and this magic bread-maker became
almost legendary. People from every corner of Midnight Sun visited
Lesumnon to buy her remarkable bread, especially sailors who had to leave
land for weeks at a time.

The druidess became one of the richest women in the world and the island
of Lesumnon changed into a prosperous land full of attractions. Visitors
stopped by from all corners of the Grand Sea to obtain new supplies of
Sellow's corn. Shopkeepers from all places opened various stores, selling
thousands of cheap knick-knacks and presents to the incoming crowds.

The great economical growth of the island lasted for decades. Since druids
usually live much longer than other people, and since Sellow was happily
married to a young man named Merill, the prosperity seemed guaranteed to
continue forever.

But then... disaster struck. The druidess disappeared. Her husband, a
recently retired freelancer tried to continue the business without her but
to no avail. Although the corn did seem to retain its amazing quality,
swarms of grasshoppers quickly descended from the uncrossable marsh in
the east, destroying everything in their path before it could be

The island's prosperity declined faster than King Gorath could kill a
butterfly. One by one shopkeepers and manufacturers left the place or went
bankrupt as the ships stopped visiting Lesumnon for its primary resource.

Today, a mere four years since Sellow's disappearance, the island of
Lesumnon is in agony. Rarely visited by anyone but smugglers, the last of
the serious traders abandoned Lesumnon to its dreary fate. As the crime
and misery continue to rise, Merill drowns the remains of his property in
hazard and wine. The entire land is steadily returning to the abandoned
piece of worthless soil it once was.

Yet recently there was a prophecy made by a Lesumnon mystic, a prophecy
of hope. It says that a wise and clever adventurer will soon land on the
island's peak and save it from desolation. People of the adjacent
continents quickly dismissed the prophecy as a hoax manufactured by locals
who are desperately trying to raise the value of their worthless property.

However, you're neither a commoner nor a salesman. You are an adventurer
and this prophecy, hoax or no, gives you plenty of inspiration.

Most young explorers dream about making a name for themselves, of
becoming the great "Legend of Midnight Sun". Well, think about this:
What could make you more legendary than rescuing an entire land from
certain disaster... especially if its saviour is prophesized as an
upcoming hero?

- - - -
Combat: Required
Level: Low (4+)
Complexity: Moderate