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The Blademaster Guild

Ancient eons ago, in a burned and divided land, warriors battled one another in tests of strength and prowess. The art of combat and swordsmanship became paramount and its practictioners well respected by all. Many fought for gold or fame or titles, but a select few wished simply to learn the art; to master the blade in the dance of combat. Such begins the story of those known only as the Blademasters.

From the four corners of Midnight Sun, recruits traveled to the Spire of the Blademasters, which was said to be in a forest near the Central Castle of the lands. They came from near and far to try their hand against the best of the best, and to learn. Those determined and patient enough to endure the trials would possess the greatest and most fearsome techniques in combat. The combination of sorcery and steel was shunned, as technique was to be mastered, not memorized. The Blademasters relied on their intelligence and strength in combat, and were known for their honor and chivalry. They were a proud order, devoted to mastering the blade which was their life. Nowhere within the lands of Midnight Sun was found a more fearsome warrior than the highest of their ranks, the Grand Blademaster.

Over time, wars ravaged the young land and evil swept over many civilizations. Wherever evil encroached, the Blademasters were there, to battle it. They were fearsome warriors, more than powerful than their allies had hoped, or their enemies had feared. Forced to fight side by side with sorcerers, steel and magic finally won the day. While Blademasters respected other champions of order, such as the priests, they wanted nothing to do with any Gods. Their faith rested in their own power; their own skill. They were foremost in battle against any who would oppose the sanctity of this world, and were sometimes even more quick to jump and attack evil than the priests.

History, however, shifted painfully for the masters of the blade. Their enemies learned to devote all efforts toward singling-out Blademasters, and to kill one no matter the cost. Slowly at first, then at a horrifying rate, the Blademasters were brutally eliminated and all but wiped out of existence. The order was broken, tossed to the winds. The world left to defend itself without their help. Sorcerers and priests managed to rally together to protect what little was left of the realms, but at great cost to themselves. The world was safe for the time being, yet the loss of the Blademasters was grieved by all.

After the war, the greatest of sorcerers met in secret. As a final tribute to their fallen comrades they cast a powerful spell over the Spire of the Blademasters. The ancient Spire slowly faded out of sight, and was never seen again by mortal eyes. Such was the condition set, that until a new Blademaster walked under the Midnight Sun, the Spire would remain hidden from all mortal beings in this realm.

Thus, the spell remained for hundreds of years, and the Spire remained hidden along with it. Unbeknownst to the outside world, the last two surviving Blademasters received aid from a trusted priest and sorcerer to extend their lives beyond what was mortally possible. Though old, they kept their skills and knowledge alive, biding their time, waiting for someone suitable to pass their secrets onto.

Eventually, one such as whom they were looking for happened across the dwelling where the two old men lived. They imparted to him all their knowledge and taught him the ancient secrets of the blade which they had guarded for so very long. When his training was complete, the old Masters presented him with an ancient blade of the greatest of their order. The instant the new Blademaster's hand grasped the hilt of the old sword, a great resonant bell was heard throughout the entire land as the spell was broken. The ancient Spire once again took its place among the land, and the new Blademaster took his place as its guardian.

The order rebuilt, the call once more goes forth throughout the land. The masters of the blade reborn. Those determined and patient enough to endure the trials, may join the order. Seek out the young guardian, Bladen, and bow to him.

Blademasters may read the guild library online.


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