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The War Monks Guild

The Monks' order was created in the early days of the Realms by a man called Zothen, a devoted worshipper of Crom. A set of concentration-improving techniques, combined with some body excercises, was during centuries developed by guild masters into a dangerous martial art. Monks became known as fighters and from Zothen's spiritual heritage only basic principles were saved: devotion to Crom and the True Path, forbidding the monks to be nasty or worse.

Monks are primarily experts for unarmed combat. When using their martial arts, concentrating costs them some mental power. The most important stat for monks is dexterity. In addition, they can improve their combat efficiency by training certain special guild skills. Skill raising costs a lot of money, but is optional. Various practical skills are taught in the monastery too.

Higher level monks are able to master a kind of priest-like mantras.

Lately some new influences from monasteries far far away have started to manifest themselves. New fighting styles are being tried out as we speak.

Primary stat:
Guild deity:
neutral or better
Combat powers:
martial arts (kicks, punches)
Other powers:
practical powers (e.g. nightvision), mantras (e.g. calling a companion)
Guild residence:
a monastery west of Kurly village (northern part of the realms)

The leader of the Monks is: Celestial.


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