The Quest Book

Gram is missing

In days long gone, before Ragnarok, there lived a famous knight
known as Sigurd Faavneslayer somewhere in the realms of Valhall.
He got his name for killing the large dragon Faavne. To help him
complete this task, a dwarf master blacksmith smithed him a
weapon, a mighty sword known as Gram. However since the time of
Ragnarok ended and the world once again was buzzing with life, the
sword Gram could not be refound. Rumors say the dwarves wanted it
back, but noone has ever seen it in any dwarven city or seen a
dwarf use it.

An ancient Volve has foretold that it is your destiny, bold
adventurer, to seek out and find the longsword Gram.

Combat: Required
Level: Mid (12+)
Complexity: Complex