The Quest Book

Heart of Darkness

In the Farsea Swamp stands the tower of the evil conjurer Khalizar.
Though he has long been banished to another plane, the people of
Everlund fear that he may one day find a way to return to once again
menace them. The only being who knew the secret to banishing the
evil wizard forever was a powerful Jotun who was himself imprisoned
by Khalizar and is cursed to be unable to reveal the secret.

With no ability to banish Khalizar forever, the only way to be certain
he can no longer pose a danger to the people of Everlund is to bring
him back to our land and slay him outright. His last remaining
henchman still awaits the return of his master near to the tower. Find
him and find out how you can release Khalizar from his imprisonment
and destroy him once and for all!

Combat: Required
Level: 14+
Complexity: Complex