The Quest Book

The Legend

The Legend.

Since time immemorial, adventurers have endeavoured for great adventures
and to accomplish great feats. Only a few of the many noble
adventurers get the opportunity to accomplish such great feats and even
fewer have truly become legends, their courage and valour told for generations
and generations.

Somewhere in the vast realms of Midnight Sun a small realm can be found
which has been built on a legend. This realm, many many years ago, when
the world was still young was infested with a great and totally
overwhelming evil.

The legend goes that a brave and noble young warrior from within a small
village in the realm was able to conquer and banish the great evil and
bring peace to the realms.

After many long years of peace, the great evil has once again infested the
realms and loud cries for help were heard all around the realm but no brave
warrior came forward to meet the challenge.

The cry for help has now been heard throughout the entire realms of Midnight
Sun. Now, brave and noble adventurer, if you desire great adventure, seek out
a man named Xaern who resides within the small village and he will set you
on your way.

Remember, adventurer, courage will guide you through and help you secure your
rightful place in history as a Legend.

Combat: Required
Level: Lord (16+)
Complexity: Complex